Next Generation Security

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Datavoice Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Our vehicle tracking system has the following features:

  • SOS alarm (available to preset 3 SOS numbers) Geo- fencing
  • Low battery alert & Speed alert Engine Cut (optional)
  • Position logging capacity up to 30000+ waypoints if no GPRS signal
  • Save half GPRS cost at least when working on FMS in different ways (BOFAN Smart Report Tech, ACC, Mileage, Motion sensor)
  • Get street address by SMS request
  • Get Google link for current location by SMS request Compatible with car alarm existing in car originally
  • Support door open/close status, available to control open/close car by SMS or platform Support taking photo by extra camera (optional), 6KB for each photo
  • Take photo automatically and send to server by interval when SOS or Geo-fence or other alarm types trigger Available to set different alarm notification ways when alarm (sending alarm SMS, call, platform or taking photo) Car maintenance remind by mileage report
    Support alarm in case of oil leakage when working with LiveGTS on FMS

IP Video Surveillance Systems

Our IP Video Surveillance solutions come with high quality network cameras ranging from 1.3MP to 5MP, fully equipped with HD video recording via Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Video Management Software for professional/large projects and mobile apps. Our solutions allow for remote monitoring and storage as well as access via mobile devices. Datavoice is also equipped to supply and install next generation IP based CCTV cameras and network video recorder systems to support the security of your structures. We have IP HD cameras with the following specifications:

Home Automation

Datavoice has introduced next generation home automation solutions which encourage energy saving, improve security and the comfort of homeowners. We provide Unified Home Communication platforms which:

  • Control lights and appliances from anywhere in your home
  • Installation of automated gates and garages
  • Installation of energy saving appliances
  • Wireless lamp switches

Access & Identity Management Solutions

In today’s constantly evolving landscape of human interaction in the IT sector, access to people in an organization and the flow of information among them should be properly managed to ensure the safety of the organization’s assets. Datavoice has enterprise solutions for access control, payment and identity management.

Access Control

Datavoice is capable of supplying and installing world-class integrated security controls for access to organizations’ locations and premises. Our Access Control solutions can be integrated into an organization’s database and comes with several security layers to ensure and prevent unauthorized access and intrusion, while adhering to defined protocols agreed by the organization. We employ next-generation scalable technology like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards and devices, which support greater data volumes and provide better communication.

Identity Management

Using RFID technology, Datavoice can provide staff identity management for organizations wanting a more robust, efficient and reliable system for information on their staff. Our solution technology is capable of organizing information on staff, their activity and location at any time. It can be used, for example, to manage attendance, remuneration, pay grade, job scope and performance of staff in the organization. Our solutions can be deployed in various areas like healthcare, education, transportation and security


Turnstile Access Control


Two-Way Radio Systems


Datavoice is capable of supplying and installing two-way radios and fixed/mobile base stations/repeaters for both UHF and VHF bands. Our two radio systems include the following brands:

  • Motorola
  • Kenwood
  • HYT
  • KST

We also provide installation and maintenance support for all our systems and brands