About Us

Who We Are

About Us

Information and communication technology (ICT) has evolved in the last decade to a point where every business requires and applies IT/telecoms for productive results. The fast paced nature of IT/telecoms means that businesses always need to be abreast with and employ current IT trends if they want to survive and succeed.

At Datavoice & Power Solutions, we clearly understand this trend and provide cutting edge, best – in – class IT/telecoms solutions to clients ranging from large enterprises to homes. This in turn allows our clients to focus on their core business with the assurance of reliable IT/telecoms support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative and cutting-edge ICT, security and power solutions to improve and secure businesses and lives.

Our Mission

To become a one stop shop for the following areas:

  • Telecom Infrastructure Support & Supplies
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Next Generation Security
  • Electronic teaching and learning materials
  • Renewable Energy & Power Backup Solutions
  • Datavoice Home & Office (Shop)

Our solutions are characterized by the scalability, flexibility of deployment and the simplicity and involvement of clients. We have enterprise and home solutions for security and alarm systems, Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, telecoms and mobile telephony infrastructure support, next generation education platforms, home automation solutions and alternative & backup power solutions.